Vetting imageA robust employee screening program helps your clients and organizations minimise the risk of making hastily and inappropriate recruitment decisions, which if unchecked and where security staff aren’t screened, could lead to fraud, dishonesty and various forms of misconduct and cause irreparable damage to your businesses, brand reputation and financial situation.

No two businesses / providers are exactly the same and the jobs within them require different competencies, skills and attributes, along with diverse levels of understanding the expectations from clients and responsibility of the security officer. illumico employment screening and vetting services offer a range of employment screening packages, which help our customers meet their individual needs and client requirements.

Every security officer passing through our stringent recruitment process can be vetted as well at a minimum fee to the client.

To keep track of the progress of any potential employees a number of vigorous checks are made to confirm that details are supplied are correct and factual, detailed background checks can be conducted if required by the client.

No applicant will gain employment with any client if they have been convicted of any criminal offence. Applicants are subject to a SAPS criminal records check.

All illumico applicants undergo a thorough induction course, as well as a value added service of on-site training after deployment if the client has signed on as a illumico member; this comes with 24 hour back-up, including regular visits from our dedicated training team.

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Through integration and convergence, illumico has the advantage to provide a full system design, installation and backup service to effectively achieve this. With the growing need for specialised services within the security industry, illumico provides a range of products and services to take proactive steps in combating crime and effectively reduce risk.

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