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At illumico the emphasis is on making your life as a client easier. Our innovation concept of integrated facilities management enables us to take control of all your support services needs. Whether it is security services including cleaning or refuse removal, illumico offers complete management of your key support services, leaving your time unimpeded and allowing you to concentrate on your core business.
Simply put illumico takes control of your key support services. Manages them on an ongoing basis, and audits them to ensure they are of the required standard. Not only does this result in improved productivity and service supplied to your business, but it means you only have to deal with one supplier. A one contract service that avoids the complexities of multiple contracts and multiple suppliers and is generally more efficient in terms of accountability.
In a typical situation illumico conducts a familiarization program within your business, designs and implements relevant and effective policies, procedures and disciplines for relevant services, and then executes regular thorough audits to ensure adherence to designated standards.
In short illumico designs a customized framework to suit your needs by raising the industry standard of your contact support services whether it is security, cleaning well above the expected norm.
This is the real benefit of illumico. The monitoring of the installed service framework to ensure that standards are upheld and that cracks in the system are identified and closed within the shortest possible time with suggestions and involvement of you the client. Management and auditing that leads to optimum service levels on an ongoing basis.

  • A complete audit and monthly report is compiled per location each month and discussed on a one to one basis. An executive summary on all locations detailing problematic occurrences is forwarded to the clients for their perusal. Corrective action if necessary is instituted as soon as possible by both parties.
  • illumico undertakes random auditing measures to ensure adherence to policies and procedures.
  • Where necessary internal investigations into theft are undertaken and objective unbiased independent recommendations are given. If found that security staff are involved, illumico takes the necessary action and obtains payment in lieu of stolen goods.

About Us

Through integration and convergence, illumico has the advantage to provide a full system design, installation and backup service to effectively achieve this. With the growing need for specialised services within the security industry, illumico provides a range of products and services to take proactive steps in combating crime and effectively reduce risk.

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