close protectionClose protection encompasses a broad spectrum. At illumico we go as far as providing what we term ‘professional protective convenience services’. Our focus is primarily the avoidance of probable hindrances for the free movement of Principles.
Close protection doesn’t always mean armed operatives or bodyguards as it's known. In many instances executives, VIPs and sports teams simply require a secure transfer / journey management vehicle to take them from the airport to their hotel or said venue using the safest possible route with professional assistance.
Executive protection and VIP protection services are necessary for visiting high-risk locations or unfamiliar places. illumico operatives have vast local knowledge for all African countries as well as Europe, and with their thorough security and safety briefings you can carry out your duties without worrying about your personal safety. Using some of the world's finest Close Protection Officers with vast experience in various environments, we are able to provide you and your staff with an individual or advanced team to safeguard your assets.

illumico is recognised as a premier provider of top personnel protection in conjunction with the provision of its security services.

illumico deploys either experienced individuals or bespoke teams in support of specialist operations, on either long or short term assignments as requested. Our teams have extensive experience in supplying security services to either Diplomats, High Net Worth Individuals, VIP's, corporate clients as well as conglomerates.

Tourist and group protection
Unfortunately crime does exist in South Africa and throughout Africa. illumico operatives provide the necessary tourist protection to individuals as well as groups during their stay or travel into Africa, providing them with guidance, and personal safety."

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Through integration and convergence, illumico has the advantage to provide a full system design, installation and backup service to effectively achieve this. With the growing need for specialised services within the security industry, illumico provides a range of products and services to take proactive steps in combating crime and effectively reduce risk.

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