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police background checkillumico provides a comprehensive verification service, which aims to verify personal credentials of individuals, on behalf of our clients at competitive prices. illumico prides itself on its efficient turnaround time, while at the same time, ensuring the accurate transfer of information, whilst maintaining the highest of confidentiality. This service effectively constitutes a risk management tool, that seamlessly adds value to all HR decision makers.


Credentials are attestations by individuals as to their education, skills, abilities, experience and good standing. They are also unattested attributes, including criminal and credit records (or the lack of them). A third set of credentials are personal descriptors, including ID and Passport numbers, permanent residence visa’s, drivers licenses and their codes, etc

In a highly competitive job market, with spiraling unemployment, and uncertain social and  economical trends, there is a marked increase in the presentation of fraudulent credentials amongst candidates in all sectors. 

As an employer, you are entitled to an honest workforce, but are almost never in a position to verify this requirement quickly and economically. This is the niche market in which illumico operates with peerless efficiency. 

illumico’s task is the verification of individual credentials, whether attested to by the candidate or not, on behalf of employers.

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AFISwitch allows criminal background checking by the commercial sector and it is surprisingly fast. Provided they had consent from the person whose record was being checked, the South African Police Service has always supplied details of criminal records to the public. The service was commonly used by employers doing pre-employment checks and on-the-job risk management; and as a result of certain legal requirements such as those placed on applicants for gun licenses and professional driving permits.

A criminal record check is also part of the requirements for obtaining a travel visa for certain countries you need a police clearance certificate to accompany your application for such visas.In the past, the police ran the checks manually. To obtain details of a criminal record, it was necessary to go to a police station where fingerprints were taken with ink on paper. This record was then sent to the 
Criminal Record Centre in Pretoria for manual checking against their files. The whole process could take from a few weeks to a few months. The major difference is how AFISwitch conducts searches. The process begins with electronic capture of each fingerprint using Sagem MorphoSmart fingerprint scanners, interfaced with AFISwitch laptop workstations.

Identity data is then associated with the fingerprints and the entire file is uploaded by secure Internet connection to the AFISwitch server. From here, the file is transmitted directly to the SAPS AFIS, which also operates on Sagem technology and contains some 6 million digital fingerprint records.

SAPS AFIS then runs an automated matching search, returning either a 'no-hit' or 'hit' result to AFISwitch. In the case of a 'no-hit' result, AFISwitch returns a 'No Illicit Activity Identified' report to the applicant: end of process. For 'hit' results, AFISwitch returns a 'Possible Illicit Activity Identified' report and asks if the applicant wants more information. If this is required, SAPS processes an AFISwitch hardcopy report for return to the applicant.

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Through integration and convergence, illumico has the advantage to provide a full system design, installation and backup service to effectively achieve this. With the growing need for specialised services within the security industry, illumico provides a range of products and services to take proactive steps in combating crime and effectively reduce risk.

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