illumico we would like take this opportunity to introduce to you a​ globally​ pre-eminent security technology systems integrator and productivity solutions provider. Acsys Technologies is today at the leading edge of ​providing corporations with advanced​ electronic locking solutions, combined with a software driven productivity platform and unique remote access control systems. ​

Acsys is a European owned and managed company, based in China with a global footprint that extends to 52 countries. With security technology originally developed by prominent French defence contractors, Acsys Technologies can provide your business with end-to-end security products, combined with a powerful software based remote access and productivity platform.

Our expert team of international engineers and software developers deliver the following unique security products and solutions:

Professional Risk Management Services

For clients requiring more than simple security, Illumico is pleased to offer personal, professional executive protection services with highly skilled CPO’s (Close Protection Operatives). Contracts range from the protection of world traveling CEO’s to on-site support for high-risk business terminations. Trained, experienced Personal Security Details assess threats and keep people safe.

Hikvision - The Smart Solution 2.0

This amazing and intelligent solution has enriched Smart features, and consists of many innovative, industry-leading IP products. The Smart Solution 2.0 solution is also the ideal choice for various vertical applications.

About Us

Through integration and convergence, illumico has the advantage to provide a full system design, installation and backup service to effectively achieve this. With the growing need for specialised services within the security industry, illumico provides a range of products and services to take proactive steps in combating crime and effectively reduce risk.

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